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5 Bathroom Design Trends for 2020

By Affordable Kitchens MNOctober 23, 2019 No Comments

With 2020 right around the corner, new trends will emerge in all design industries, including bathroom design. So if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom in the coming year, here is a list of fantastic bathroom trends for 2020.

Nature-inspired design

One of the most stunning trends that will most likely be more common in the coming year is the biophilic design. This design mixes nature with the traditional humanmade look of a bathroom in a very inspiring way. We are much more efficient and calmer when plants surround us, and since much of our busy morning are spent getting ready in the morning, this nature-inspired design can be a great way to start your day calmly! 

While very innovative designs call for walls of plants–sometimes it seems to be natural forests–integrating this trend is easier than it looks. Add a variety of plants if there is a window in your bathroom, to make sure they get enough sunlight. Opt-in for natural material based tiles as well, to emphasize the nature theme. As for colors, stick to your standard whites and slate greys, as well as combining it with more cooling and soothing shades of green.

If you want to go the extra mile, add a skylight to the bathroom for natural light. Can you tell this trend is nature-obsessed? If you’re looking for budget-friendly versions, implement some fake plants and even dedicate a wall to some modern plant-themed wallpaper.  


We’ve seen terrazzo pop in and out of the design limelight in recent years, but it is now officially back on-trend. Terrazzo is a mixture of natural materials, including stones, glass, marble, and cement. It is very versatile and visually appealing, and it comes in many colors.

Terrazzo is typically sold in tile form so that it can be used as bathroom flooring as well as a backsplash. Unlike other tiles, terrazzo works better in a smaller way. The natural tones can play very well with many different colors, so don’t limit your creativity. It provides a nice texture as well.

Open Showers and Tubs

There are so many types of showers available today that it can hard to pick the best one for your bathroom renovation. One of the most exciting trends to happen in the shower and bath industry is its adoption of the open concept. Like any open concept, the idea is a lack of barriers and walls: there is a lot of space to move around in 

These shower systems work like any other shower, aside from the fact that they are not enclosed. The benefit of an open shower is that it makes the bathroom appear much more spacious. These accessible showers are usually baths with a misting system and drain much like other showers. While it can create a stunning look, it might not be for everyone. So if you’re comfortable with bathing out in the open, then give this trend a try!

Tiny Bathrooms

The tiny trend is infiltrating bathrooms, and it’s fantastic. Since more people are downsizing their homes, they are getting creative with their space. You can create a very luxurious bathroom at a fraction of the cost with a tiny bathroom. Utilizing small bathrooms is critical, so make sure that you have all of the essentials before you plan anything “crazy.” One amusing design trend is implementing a custom sink and storage system

This trend is highly dependent on how your house was constructed. However, if you’re building your dream home from custom builders, you can get away with a smaller bathroom, allowing you to have more space in the rest of your home. While the area is limited for expressing yourself through design, you can still be very creative with the personal touches to your tiny bathroom.

Emphasis on Unique Lighting

Lighting is essential for your bathroom. In general, light is utilized for its practicality, but in bathrooms, it is vital to take note of its aesthetics. Linear lighting trends are becoming more prevalent, and minimalism is taking over the bathroom trends as well. Less is more for bathroom lighting, so this allows you to invest in a showstopping light piece. 

Some fantastic lighting ideas to integrate into your bathroom renovation is installing small stips of lights on the ceiling or wall. You can also use your mirror as a light source by buying a mirror with lighting integrated into it!

These are just some of the fantastic trends for bathrooms that will be in many designs for 2020. So if you’re renovating your bathroom, experiment with some of these ideas for simply beautiful and on-trend bathroom.